Protect Your Business


A prenup ensures that your business and its assets are protected upon separation.

Many of our clients are business owners, directors or shareholders. They have spent years building a business and the last thing they want  to see happen is for their business to be ripped apart on a divorce or separation.

The good news is that the English Courts are moving towards recognising Prenup Agreements – where they are very well drafted, precise and cover everything to include adequate provision for any children. (see Are Prenups Binding?).

Our specialist prenup solicitors can help you draft a pre-nuptial (or if you are already married a post-nuptial) agreement that deals with your business assets responsibly and fairly and maximise your wealth in the event of future separation.

Our commercially-minded lawyers will also bring other solicitors in to ensure you get full advice for your company, as it may be beneficial to consider altering the company’s set up including share structures, shareholder agreements, or it may be worthwhile considering Wills and Trust/Estate Planning too.

If you are a business owner and looking at getting married, then you should seriously consider a prenup agreement. Our prenup experts can give you the best advice. Call us now.