Cost Effective

The costs of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement can avoid the expense and stress of prolonged litigation.

With prenup agreements becoming more recognised by English Courts, it makes sense for many couples getting married to agree in advance what will happen with their financial matters should the worst happen and the relationship end.

Ordinarily, what follows a split is potentially expensive; divorce, child issues, ancillary relief. It’s costly, time consuming and stressful at the worst time when your emotions are high. A better, more modern way, is to consider having a prenuptial agreement. Prenups are not  just for the rich and wealthy, although many of our clients are higher net worth individuals. They are for everyone, and particularly suitable for couples getting married for the second time or couples for whom one partner has the larger wealth.

With the average divorce now costing anywhere between £5,000 to £10,000, and more complex financial matters in excess of £10,000, the costs of a well drafted pre-nup can save the significant expense of what can often be very lengthy and emotionally draining proceedings for both parties.  The costs of a pre-nup regulating the terms of any future financial settlement upon separation pale into insignificance compared to what the parties could potentially be faced with if they enter into the realms of contested proceedings.  We at prenup solicitors can provide expert advice on how to ensure any potential future separation is as pain free and cost effective as possible.

If you want to take a sensible approach to finances when getting married, then a prenuptial agreement is certainly worth considering.

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